Those of you who are part of the Delightful Departures community, or those who occasionally read my blog, know I love to promote the eco-conscious Stream2Sea products.  But if you are new to Delightful Departures, or Stream2Sea, you might ask who is Stream2Sea and what’s the big deal?  Why believe in these biodegradable products so fiercely?  Well, today I thought I would take some time to explain why I use these products, and why I think you should too.

My use of sunscreen can’t possibly make a difference

It is commonly known now, after some extensive research, that FDA approved sunscreens and personal care products containing the ingredient oxybenzone (also known as benzophenone-3 or BP-3) can cause extensive damage to our coral reefs.  Tiny concentrations of this ingredient can damage coral larvae and eventually lead to coral bleaching.  Oxybenzone, and parabens (preservatives), used in these products can also be absorbed and become concentrated to toxic levels in other forms of aquatic life, such as the colorful tropical fish we all love to see.

Research published in early 2016 in the Journal of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology showed that miniscule concentrations — about 62 parts per trillion — damaged nearly half of the coral larva exposed to it in a lab setting and researchers documented significantly higher concentrations in waters near reefs in Hawaii and the Virgin Islands. Have a hard time visualizing that concentration? It’s roughly the equivalent of a drop of water in six Olympic-sized swimming pools!”[1]

“…because we do have a choice and we can choose to do better”

To fill you in a little bit on the history of Stream2Sea, after spending a week diving a very remote and sensitive environment with visitors who were constantly applying aerosol sunscreens and other ‘reef friendly’ products she knew were unsafe, cosmetic chemist, Autumn Blum, Formulator & CEO of Stream2Sea, was driven to conduct research and launch her own product line in 2015.  A line she knew would not endanger our precious resource.

Now one of her biggest missions, and mine too, is to educate.  I encourage you to look at your sunscreen, shampoo and conditioner. If they contain any of the ingredients that are found on our ingredients to avoid page, please consider the potential impact of that collective purchase. Divers would never intentionally harm a coral reef, but we’ve already learned how little we know about the impact skin care products have on our environment. The goal with our in-depth testing was to identify products that don’t damage sensitive underwater ecosystems and then educate outdoor explorers about their choices. We want people to look at what they’re using on their bodies, and how that affects the waters they want to play in, on, or under.” [2]

Stream2Sea didn’t just stop at sunscreen

Today, Stream2Sea’s body care product line consists of coral-safe sunscreens, shampoo/bodywash, leave-in conditioner, lip balm, sun & sting relief gel, and my favorite, nourishing body lotion.  Most recently, Stream2Sea improved their sunscreens by creating a tinted formula for those people who didn’t like using mineral-based sunscreens because it made them look pasty-white.

And they didn’t stop there.  Look on the packaging and you will see their products are packaged in sugarcane resin tubing.  It’s part of Stream2Sea’s commitment toward sustainablity and reducing their carbon footprint.


Changing our habits into a lifestyle takes small steps.  I think the first small step you should take to a more eco-conscious lifestyle is to begin with Stream2Sea’s health-conscious, environmentally-friendly product line.  To learn more about Stream2Sea and it’s products, go to  And to save some money, afterall who doesn’t like to save a little cash as well as the environment, use my personal coupon code delightfuldepartures to save 10% on your purchase.

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