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 You've worked hard and are oh-so ready to take that well-deserved vacation.  You've surfed the internet and done your research, but every resort picture looks beautiful and every dive operation sounds wonderful, so who do you pick?

Well that's why you found me.   I am here for you.  I do the legwork for the adventure & dive traveler, wading through the sea of abundant dive destination choices and travel details to focus in on amazing escape custom designed for you. As your dive travel specialist, you can rely on my knowledge and experience to create the best scuba diving vacation you've ever dreamed of, and more.

About Delightful Departures

Experiences are Endless

With a big blue world to choose from, your choice of dive destinations is immense

Transformation through Travel

Each escape will be an unforgettable and soul-satisfying experience

You go...I'll plan

Take that giant stride, dive on in, drift with the current & I'll do the kicking

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