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liz-home“Never hold your breath.”  The instructor’s words echoed in my head as I stood on the beach and looked out into the surf zone, preparing to enter the water for my first ocean dive.  “I can do this,” I told myself.  I survived the pool skills, and now was the time to conquer my open water dives.  The surface kick out seemed to go on and on, my legs burning, my heart pounding – I didn’t think I would ever catch my breath.  Finally, we were there – the descent point.  Mask on, regulator in, I let the air out of my bc, and down I went, never holding my breath, into a whole new world, filled with fantastic creatures.

That day was the start of it all.  That day led to my desire to become a divemaster and work for the very dive shop where I had begun my own dive adventure.  Soon, the longing to see more of what our amazing ocean had to offer led me on a path of traveling to distant lands to experience the treasures it stored.  This transformation of my life through dive travel inspired me to want to share these experiences with my fellow divers.
This is my “why” – why I became a dive travel specialist.

It is these experiences and wanderlust I draw from every day to encourage and assist my fellow divers to delve into their passions and dreams to create an unforgettable dive travel experience.  With an extensive network of travel partners, and my own experience, I work with divers to turn their desires into memories that last a lifetime.

My promise to you:  To make your dive travels a delightful departure from the hustle and bustle of the everyday grind. 

Life is complicated.  Time is fleeting.  Your memories are precious.  It is my job to make your vacation something special.

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– Liz