Scuba Vacations That Let You Breathe Easy

Vacations are meant for escape, relaxation & rejuvenation.  Whether it’s a trip for two, or the whole dive club, I am hear to ensure that is exactly what you experience on your dive travels.

Hire Me For…

  • Stress-free dive travel planning designed to complement your travel style
  • Surface interval excursions to fulfill your curious spirit
  • Celebration travel  to recognize those momentous occasions
  • Romantic getaways to enhance relationships
  • Group travel experiences that strengthen friendships & create new ones

When You Work With Delightful Departures You Can Always Expect…

A Truly Personal Touch

Work one-on-one with me, from the planning process to the return home.  I will be there to listen to your travel desires and be proactive about fulfilling your needs.  You won’t be just another caller to some rep in a service center.  You won’t be just the click of buttons on some booking screen.  We’ll be communicating every step of the way.  I’m here to give you peace of mind.

Experience You Can Trust

Through my global network of dive travel partners, I offer you nothing less than the best hospitality and service in the business.  There are hundreds of dive operators out there, but I only match you with those I know well and who make safety a top priority.

Worry-Free Travel

Even some of the most seasoned travelers sometimes sweat the details.  No need.  I’ve been in your shoes.  As a dive professional, as well as a dive travel group leader, I understand your needs.  When you work with me, we’ll design your travel around skill levels, wish lists, equipment requirements, and special needs.

How Creating An Unforgettable Scuba Vacation Works

5 Easy Steps

Step 1 – Contact Me!

Click on my “Contact” tab, fill out the form and tell me what you’re looking for.  I’ll be in touch within 48 hours to schedule your complimentary initial consultation.  I set aside this time for a brief phone call for us to get to know each other better.  This is the time to ask your questions and make sure you feel we’re a good fit.

Step 2 – Let’s Dive Deeper

It’s time for me to do some detective work.  Tell me:

  • What are your desires & needs?
  •  What is your personal travel style?
  • What type of destination do you have in mind?

Step 3 – Relax – I’ll Do the Work

Now I step into action.  I’ll take care of all the details, ensuring your escape is extraordinary.

  • Comfortable quarters & yummy meals
  • Unforgettable dive sites
  • Surface interval excursions

Step 4 – Enjoy – Breathe Deep…Blow Bubbles

This is the dive trip you’ve been dreaming of.  Soak it in.  You deserve it!

  • I present you with your personal scuba escape
  • Pack your bags & just add water
  • Dive on into a transformational experience

No worries while your away.  I’ll be there for you should the need arise.  I’m just a call, text, or IM away.

Step 5 – Welcome Home

  • You’re home safe!
  • Download those pics, record those dive logs, and share the memories with friends & family
  • Tell me all about your travel experience – inquiring minds want to know
  • Ready to book your next adventure?  Let’s go!

 No More Floundering – Dive Into Action Here