The world’s ocean is our oyster, and there are so many wonderful dive destinations that are its pearls.

 Let's dive in together to discover that pearl you will treasure forever. 

-Liz T.

Hey there...I'm Liz

I get so excited when people ask me, "where should I go?"

Travel has transformed my life again and again.  I live and breathe for the excitement of a new travel adventure. Raised as a Navy brat, a love for travel and the ocean has always been in my blood.  My own desire to see the world was born in the back of the family station wagon, seeing most of the U.S. on the road as the family moved from base to base.  When I got older, I spread my wings and saw more of the world by traveling to parts of Western Europe, various areas in Mexico, and a wonderful Nile tour of Egypt.

In addition to traveling, my sense of adventure has led me to racing cars on the local stock car track, ziplining, skydiving, and enjoying scenic rides in hot air balloons and helicopters.

It was this sense of adventure and my love for the ocean that led me to become a certified diver through a San Diego dive shop in 2007.  After catching the scuba bug, I continued my underwater education until I began working as a divemaster in 2008.  I've logged over 700 dives locally in San Diego, San Clemente, Catalina and Laguna Beach, as well as in such exotic locations as Fiji, Palau, Yap, Chuuk (Truk), Indonesia, the Philippines, the Sea of Cortez, La Paz, Cozumel and Bonaire. Some of my favorite diving would include scoping out life along wall drop-offs (especially nudis) and drift diving. In the Philippines I acquired a real fascination with critter diving, which was enhanced with my diving in North Sulawesi.

It is these experiences and wanderlust I draw from to help my fellow divers to delve into their passions and dreams to create an unforgettable dive travel experience - no matter how long the journey may be.

Let's work together

So if you're a scuba diver with an insatiable desire to dip your fins into waters around the world, then contact me for a free travel consultation.

Or if you're not ready to embark on that dive adventure just yet, then download "Know Before You Go", my FREE content-packed e-book, as my gift to you.  It's full of valuable information and handy tips to make getting to that wonderful destination safe and hassle-free. 

Until then...

Keep blowing those bubbles,

Liz Tuttle, Diver & Travel Specialist

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